Nanae piano lesson testimonial

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“My name is Mindy Plum and my daughter, Emma, takes piano lessons from Nanae Green. I am happy to be a reference for Nanae. We absolutely love having Nanae as Emma’s teacher. Emma is 9 years old and in her words, ‘Ms. Nanae makes piano so fun!’ I  happened to have a friend over the other day who is an accomplished pianist, playing for 18 + years, and after the lesson was over my friend pulled me aside and told me what a gem we had found in a teacher… that Emma would not have to ‘re-learn’ techniques the correct way as she was learning accurately and excellently from Nanae. We have seen our daughter’s love for piano grow as well as her enthusiasm for her future as a pianist. Nanae has an amazing ability to inspire and encourage on such an individual basis that I’ve seen Emma just bloom. Emma has even invited a friend from school to take lessons at our house, and to hear Nanae with an absolute beginning student as well with my daughter who has played for a couple of years, I see such care and enthusiasm for the art.

I would absolutely recommend Nanae to any student at any level. To hear her play for us at her level inspires my daughter all the more. We haven’t come across such a wonderful instructor before. The convenience of having her come to the house helps us maintain our consistent schedule and Nanae is on time and prepared for our lesson. She uses our hour to the fullest and sets Emma up for a great week. She is organized and professional.” — Mindy Plum

Having Nanae as a music teacher for my three girls has been such a positive experience. Her compassion for teaching and love for music is apparent, and my girls can sense that. They admire her talent and talk about “wanting to be as good as Nanae one day.” She has fun with my girls during lessons, laughing and getting to know them. She is always honest and complimentary. I would recommend Nanae to anyone looking for a fantastic music teacher.” — Monica Eastin

“My kids said that you are one of their best teachers. You are very patient and encouraging. They enjoyed their time learning with you. Under your wing, they are motivated to practice and enjoy piano lessons. Thank you for the wonderful experience.” — Lily T.

“Nanae was an excellent teacher for my 12 year old son. With the right combination of high expectations and compassion, Nanae had the ability to guide my son to his fullest potential. Through her teaching, he was able to achieve high level goals in a short period of time. Even when he doubted himself, Nanae’s belief in him never wavered. Nanae is a talented teacher and perfect for the serious piano student.” — Pam Gleason

“I am the mom to 5 year old triplets, and their first exposure to piano was through Miss Nanae. Although we have been with her for only seven months, I have seen my three kids transform tremendously, and really LOVE playing the piano. With three kids with three different personalities, Nanae was able to relate to them as individuals, and teach to their strengths. She is gentle and playful as she teaches, but she also makes sure they form good habits from the start. My triplets really get excited over piano lessons, and always look forward to her sessions. Since they love piano so much, doing our daily practices is not as challenging as it could be. The lesson books she utilizes are so perfect for their age group.” — Sung Chin

“Nanae Greene has taught piano to my 11/12 year old son for approximately one year. Our son initiated the piano lessons by expressing his interest in learning over a period of about a year. Nanae effortlessly combined our desired outcomes for our son with his personality and learning style to tailor a music curriculum for him. She both challenged him and gently encouraged him in a way that inspired him to apply himself to the task of learning and practicing in between lessons (on his own). Nanae combined a mix of classical music with popular music our son wanted to try. She included music theory time to give context to the music and to meet his more cerebral learning style. The outcome after a year is that the piano has become a creative and emotional outlet for him. He has learned to read music, play a piece technically, and has come to enjoy the process of making music. We could not ask for more. Nanae is an accomplished piano player and an equally intuitive and accomplished teacher in my view.” — Les Bridges

“After only a year of piano lessons with Nanae, my six-year-old has developed significantly with his keyboarding skills. Nanae has the gift of maintaining a task-oriented lesson period while still keeping everything fun. She is also very patient with this very active boy! We highly recommend Nanae!” — Amy Moberly

“Nanae is my two daughter’s Piano teacher for many years from 2006 to 2012. Nanae helped my older one passed CM test level 9 (California), and my younger one is on level 7 this year. We have few Piano teachers before Nanae, but she is very special to my daughters. When Nanae left San Diego about a year, my daughter refused to learn Piano from other teacher; she quit Piano for a year until Nanae came back. We’re so happy she is our Piano teacher since then. My daughters enjoy music and have fun time to play every day. They had great help, encouragement from Nanae. That’s very important for kids to play music. I introduced two of my friends to Nanae; they both had ~ 5 years old kids, and all became Nanae’s student. Nanae is great Piano teacher not only for beginner, the younger kids, but also for advanced, older teenage student, like my daughter. Every year, Nanae organized and spent lots of time on student Piano recital, that’s the time students show their great performance, and we really enjoy that. Nanae, we definitely will miss you. Thank you so much for all your hard work, wonderful teaching skill, and encouragement! We wish you the best!” — Dr. Lynda Zhuang

“Since our children started taking piano lessons with you, they’ve been happier and more enthusiastic about learning. You believed in them, gave them confidence and restored their self-esteem. It is sad to say goodbye to you, but at the same time on your new journey, you’ll have the opportunity to give others what you gave to our children — the best of yourself.” — Ron, Beth, Samantha and Megan Bougher

“I have three kids that have been taking piano lessons, two for 4 years and one for 6 years. Before Nanae’s lessons, my kids did not have a solid knowledge of notes — they relied on their piano teacher to tell them instead of figuring out and correcting it on their own. Nanae was patient and taught them, in a fun way, how to remember the names and places of the notes. She always encourages the kids to never give up. I would like to thank Nanae for being dedicated musician and teacher.” — Natalie

“Nanae began teaching our son two years ago when he was nine years old. He had previously learned to play the piano but had not received a lot of instruction on either reading music or musical theory. His development as a pianist and as a musician over the last two years, under Nanae’s guidance, has been astounding. Nanae has been inspirational due to her wonderful nature, tremendous teaching skills, depth of knowledge of her subject, and obvious passion for what she does. The balance of the practical and theoretical aspects of learning the piano has been perfect, and Nanae has even been able to make the theory joyful! Our son would always look forward to his weekly sessions, and after Nanae had said goodbye we would often hear a loud “That was the best lesson ever!” We really couldn’t recommend Nanae more highly.” — Andrew & Jane Buckland

“Ms Nanae has been teaching my 6 year old daughter for almost 2 years. Besides being an accomplished pianist herself, she is a competent teacher. She carries herself with professionalism; she is always punctual, treats each student with respect and teaches with enthusiasm. When my daughter first started out, she was about 4 years old, Ms Nanae was able to keep her attentive by making each lesson interesting using different techniques and kept motivating her to master each piece of music. My daughter has made tremendous progress in her theory and practical. I have since then recommended Ms Nanae to other friends and they are all very pleased with her. Ms Nanae is a great piano teacher and I highly recommend her.” — Charissa Ang

Nanae Green is a wonderful piano teacher. She taught Andy and Bryan music and theory. It has been amazing to see their progress over the last 9 months of her teaching. Nanae is always on time, hard working, and a loving, supportive teacher.”Debbie Janssen

“Nanae is excellent! She is not only the nicest piano teacher that we’ve ever had, (my son really liked her – she’s patient and kind), but she’s also an amazing teacher.” — Lori